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Easy Interface

Skillsgrid can provide employees with a skills gap audit to enhance the skills of an individual, team and company. Skillgrid provides an inhouse recruitment function whereby one can find skilled people for specific jobs within a company.

True Presentation

Skillsgrid can help with recruitment fucntion when one is looking to hire as help find skilled people for a specific job. This tool can idnetify skills gaps when individuals are applying for a job. Furthermore it creates a database for future recruitment.

Flexible Charts

Skillsgrid has some added benefits such as this system is web-based, making it easily accessible to all. Once indivuduals have completed their report, they have the option to update their skills every 6 months.

Skillsgrid is an intelligent system to enable the Human Resources function in a business to largely improve the way people are optimally deployed to jobs in an organisation. Skillsgrid is an online software solution helping businesses to improve their quest for optimal recruitment and placement of employees and new recruits.
The work starts with creating a Job Specific Skills Benchmark. This is done by the  top performers in the job. They answer 25 skills related questions and they also compile a framework of how important each skill is for the job.

This takes a benchmark individual maximum 30 minutes to do. The system then  generates a visual outline of the skills needed for the job as well as the level of skill applicable to the job. It consolidates the answers of the top performers to reflect the most balanced skills profile for the job.