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About Shona Selley


Shona Selley is an Executive Coach, Public Speaker & Trainer, passionately devoted to helping people improve their lives on a day to day basis. Just THRIVE

Let’s challenge the status quo! Together establishing mechanisms that effectively deal with frustration & conflict. Let’s create an environment synonymous with growth and performance. Minimise fatigue & activate the passion to generate continuous energy and performance, creativity and significant impact.

Every person has the natural ability to THRIVE!

• Is your business simple but complicated by people dynamics? • Do you or your managers spend more time on people issues (or politics) than is desirable? • Does a change in Leadership/ Management almost always result in a transition phase while people adjust themselves to the new “BOSS”? • Would you like to minimize these factors?

Let’s unleash the passion in you & your leadership team to live core values & inspire them in others.

The privilege of a 27-year Corporate career: 9-yrs in General Management & 2-yrs as Exco, has developed in me a keen understanding & passion for personal growth & effectiveness. In most cases, due to real business pressure, developing ourselves & others has become about “Value statements”, attractive training curriculums, coupled with great recognition mechanisms. When in truth, personal effectiveness and people management is about daily behavior and what is spoken of in the corridor and canteen rather than on statistics and metrics. Energized by unlocking the potential in people and learning from them, I have over the years discovered simple yet highly effective principles which are as much structured as adaptable, embracing people where they are & enabling them to create the future they desire. This not only improves personal & team effectiveness but leads to sustainable organizational growth. Being certified with the John Maxwell group, I have ongoing access to material which resonates deeply with my core values, incorporating principles from the masters while being mentored by John Maxwell & his faculty of experts.