Internal Marketing vs External Marketing

Selling a good product or service

Many companies believe that success in sales comes from a great marketing strategy. In marketing it’s super easy to sell a great product or service, all you have to do is get the word out there. Simple when you are selling concert tickets for Ed Sheeran or selling a revolutionary product like the apple air mac laptop, These kind of things sell themselves because they are unmatched by their competition. But what about the internal marketing strategy? These giants are not just successful because of their talent and great products, there is a team behind them that have to work together to make this happen. The internal marketing structure.

What is internal marketing?

Well internal marketing has nothing to do with product and services and everything to do with your people. Forget the target market and the fancy one liners! this has no use here. Internal marketing is how well your staff and teams work together. It’s the culture of the business and organisation. But how can this effect sales? The answer to that is simple… with great ease! in this case we will use a school as an example for for practicality. 

Why is internal marketing so important?

Let’s say you have a well established school that has left it’s mark in your community and has an amazing following. It’s a private school that offers kids grades from 1 all the way up to matric. The school has a 100% pass rate and excels in academics, sports and the creative arts. The problem is that more students are leaving the school than they are enrolling. Let’s say for argument sake that the school has over 1200 students and within 1 year they had over 400 leavers. That is a 20% leavers rate! The reason for the leavers are mostly moving to a another school which is new and is closer to home, some are leaving to go overseas, and others can’t afford the school fees. but then you get one or 2 feedback forms that say ‘other’ and have a detailed description. 

Parents reporting back saying “my kids have had a problem with xyz and have approached this teacher several times and nothing has been done! we are tired of the lack of concern and effort that’s is put in and that is why we are leaving the school!” 

Now this is interesting. in large corporate if you get 1 message like this, there is a chance that 10% of your clients feel the same way and if you get it 2-5 times, then that’s half of your database. Most people won’t speak up or out, they will just move their kid to another school.
All of a sudden we see a issue that can not be solved by the schools internal marketing team, you know the team that does all the ads on facebook and instagram and handles the communications etc… The problem is now no matter how much you say “we’ve got a 100% pass rate” and “we excel in sports and academics!”. This will all fall on deaf ears, as my mother would say you’re basically farting against thunder. 

So as you can see the internal marking structure in this example is your:

That means every time a teacher has an affair with a fellow married college
When a security guard is negligent in the car park and there is an accident
The moment when the receptionist is rude on the phone to a concerned parent 
When the principle or VP screams at a child in front of other kids
When a teacher openly but un-intentionally embarrasses a child based on his grades
If there are unclean toilets because the lady is off sick

These are all things that no one thinks about or are told exactly how to handle, it comes across as “Well obviously you shouldn’t do that”. We assume that the school employs the best of the best and that everyone is getting paid to do their job and to do it well. The immediate knee jerk reaction would be to hand out warning or fire people! But that wastes time, resources and then there is more training involved and you’re back at square one with no grantee that this won’t happen again.  

In the meantime, your school that has such great accolades is beginning to look more and more like it’s all about the money and not the students. And the students can feel that and then that’s when the conversation happens at one evening dinner when the dad says to his kids, “are you happy at that school?” all it takes is a simple response of “no really”, and there you have it another lost client. 

How do we fix internal marketing?

The problem is simple but, this is not a quick fix solution. There is a culture that needs to be developed and all of those teachers who make mistakes just like everyone else need training. A simple reminder as to what they are all there for in the first place and how they can make that difference they all wanted to when they started. There is a way to fix conflict in the admin space where reception can get along with finance etc… But the most important thing is the very top, the executives, leadership and culture spreads and you have to be intentional with how you treat people that are under you. With what you do and how you do it can be the difference between a good school and a great school within 1 year. 

With this school the goal and the solution would be to enforce an executive coach and implement training programmes as well as facilitated workshops that will help the executives, teachers and staff understand where there is a culture gap, communication issues as well as a leadership flaws. You see every time a student leaves the school it’s no ones fault except the head of the school. You are the reason that child and or parent are not happy because the truth of the matter is that people will move to South Africa from Congo, Nigera, Botswana and Japan, just to come and study and have a good life here. And if a child is happy and feels appreciated they will stay with a school for 12 years and then send their kids to the very same school because of how the school made them feel. Loved, appreciated, accepted, encouraged etc! 

Now this was just an example of how a school can be affected by the lack of leadership in their internal structures. If you are a school, or business or organisation in any other industry and you can related to some of these issues in your business there is a way you can get a free consultation from Shona Selley who has ample experience when it comes to changing entire organisations from small to large corporate with 5000+ employees. And the results are so evident. 

Shona has the ability to put the correct systems in place to radically expose problems and create sustainable change within the organisation.

When you are dealing with people on a day to day basis you need to make sure that you are leading them the right way, if there is anyone that can show you how to do this in the most effective way possible which brings out a different better version of you. It’s Shona Selley. She will challenge your thinking, your habits, your identity and rip you right out of your comfort zone, and from that pruning you will grow in your thinking and leadership so much so that you will be forever grateful for the changes and growth you have experienced. This will most likely be a life altering moment for you, in your business and personal life. Without a doubt one of the best decisions you could make for your family and your organisation. 

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